Drama of Worship

As in the ancient Church, our worship service takes the form of a drama.  In this drama, we are the actors and God is the Audience of One.  This is the literal meaning of liturgy, “the work of the people”. We perform for God’s pleasure, in gratitude for the forgiveness and life He has given us in Jesus Christ.

The scenes in this drama are drawn from visions of Heaven as described in the Scriptures in the books of Isaiah and Revelation.  The ancient Church designed this drama to depict the “wedding feast of the Lamb”, the glorious celebration that will take place when the Church is taken to Heaven, and given in marriage to her Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

SCENE 1: The Procession to God’s Throne

We parade to God’s throne in a celebratory procession, dressed in white wedding clothes symbolizing the purity God has graciously bestowed on us.  We sing the praises of the Father, and of Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom.

SCENE 2:  God Speaks

We sit before the Father’s throne and hear Him speak through the Scriptures and the sermon.  Then, in response to His Word, we rise and proclaim our absolute faith in God, acknowledging His worthiness to instruct and lead us.

SCENE 3: The Wedding Banquet

Before sitting down to dinner with God, we acknowledge our unworthiness to take part.  We intercede for one another in our human frailty and need.  We confess our sin and hardness toward God, and then God forgives and receives us anyway!  With that, we bring out the food and gifts for the Banquet, God blesses them and we each commune with God in glorious intimacy.

SCENE 4: The Procession into the world

Since we are on a mission to the world, we cannot stay at the Banquet forever. God anoints us with His Holy Spirit for healing and empowerment, and then dismisses us.  We return to the world in joyful procession, newly invigorated to serve the world in Christ’s Name.  The drama ends, but the Story of Redemption continues.

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West Highlands
United Methodist Church
17 South Union Street
(at Kennewick Ave.)
Kennewick, WA 99336-2253
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When We Meet
Sunday Morning - 10:00 am
Worship & Holy Communion
Midweek Study - 7:00 pm
in Church Fellowship Hall


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